Regent's College

Regentís International College Bangkok is pleased to provide teaching support for two University of London International Programmes: the Economics, Management, Finance and the Social Sciences (EMFSS) & the International Foundation Programme (IFP). Course content and academic direction is provided by the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

RAFFLES? College

Raffles International College is an unique education provider specializing in Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing & Management, Interior Design, Multimedia Design, Visual Communication and Business. We offer high quality internationally recognized programmes. Our programmes are accredited by several Australia Government Authorities that show our strong commitment to high quality standards of education.

Mahidol University

We at MUIC aim to provide you with the highest possible quality of education and academic service. One way of achieving this is by maintaining open communication lines with members of the MUIC community. If you have any compliments, complaints, opinions or suggestions, please send me a message. My executive team and I will act on it as soon as we can. Thank you.


Panyapiwat Institute of Management or PIM (formerly Panyapiwat Institute of Technology) is an institution of higher education founded with the funding from Sueksapiwat Company Limited. On 9 March 2007, PIM was granted the permission and license for the establishment of Private University [License No.4/2550] by the Ministry of Education through the Office of the Higher Education Commission and has since been operating as a higher education institution, offering fully accredited bachelorís and masterís degree programs since 1 June 2007 and doctoral degree programs since 1 October 2012.

BHMS School

The BHMS campus buildings and student residences are located in the heart of the beautiful city of Luzern, within walking-distance from each other and from the city center itself. Living and studying in the heart of this unique city enable students to enjoy the urban qualities as well as the charm and exclusivity of Luzern.

Summer courses

Bachelor Degree

Master Degree